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Embedded C Quiz

At Barr Group, we're always on the lookout for great embedded software developers. Over the years we've found that the best embedded programmers come to us already aware of certain hardware-centric keywords and other features of the C language about which the typical non-embedded programmer is completely uninformed.

A couple of years ago, we put together this online quiz to test the embedded C programming skills of our website visitors--and to do a little community education at the same time. The quick quiz consists of just ten multiple choice questions, mostly asking questions about small snippets of C code. It should take you just a few minutes to take the entire quiz and view your results.

Why not test your skills and join the more than 30,000 engineers around the world who have already done so. Step 1 is to login or register (if you don't already have an account on our website). Step 2 is to come back to this page while logged in (handy shortcut: and click start, which will take you to the first page of the quiz. Your score and the correct answer to each question will be revealed once you have answered all 10 questions.

If you enjoyed this Embedded C Quiz, you may also be interested to try the corresponding Embedded C++ Quiz.

Prize Drawing

If you score at least an 80% on our quiz, your name will be automatically entered into a drawing to win a free seat at a future public Embedded Software Boot Camp ® training course. A new winner will be selected each time we host a public boot camp. Consult our training calendar to see upcoming dates and locations for all of our public training courses.