Embedded Systems Experts

Independent Firmware Experts

From pacemakers to cars, Barr Group helps companies make the computers in everything safe, reliable, and secure. Barr Group is the world's most-trusted independent engineering consulting and training company with a focus specifically on embedded systems design.


Members of Barr Group's experienced staff provide unbiased firmware process and architecture guidance to embedded software development teams. A Barr Group consultant will review your design or assess what it is you're trying to accomplish and recommend a firmware (re)architecture, development process, and/or appropriate tools to help you achieve a safe, reliable, and secure design.


Barr Group also provides hands-on training courses and custom education programs. Engineering managers choose Barr Group's on-site training courses or send their engineers to public courses to raise the skill level of their teams.

Expert Witness

Barr Group engineers are independent-minded experts capable of researching tough subjects and adept at explaining complex technical topics in language familiar to judges and juries. Thus it is not surprising that our consultants have been called on for litigation support and to resolve technical legal disputes as expert witnesses.

Product Design Services

The engineering team at Barr Group has designed reliable software, electronics, and mechanical packaging for a variety of next-generation embedded devices. Barr Group can take over responsibility for complete device designs or can provide expertise in specific areas to mesh with your existing design team. With a background in markets including Medical, Defense, Industrial, and Consumer devices and with expertise in the latest design approaches for wireless, security, and power management, our team ensures that your next embedded device design will be be delivered with high-quality and on-time.