"Barr Group training courses should be required before writing any embedded code."

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Embedded Software Process Courses

Good software development processes are critical to the creation of high-quality firmware. Barr Group teaches best practice processes in a series of courses that specifically focus on the creation of efficiencies between development, test, and management groups to increase quality.

Developing Effective Coding Standards
Coding standards, which consider issues of portability and maintainability from the start, are valuable tools to keep bugs out of medical devices and other safety-critical embedded systems. This course demonstrates how coding standards can be constructed to effectively eliminate software bugs from embedded programs. Attendees learn to develop their own C/C++ coding standard by studying Barr Group's Embedded C Coding Standard (more).

Firmware Defect Prevention for Safety Critical Devices
This one-day course focuses on the most important proactive implementation techniques that reduce firmware defects for safety-critical devices. Such firmware defects can result in severe – even deadly – consequences. Specifically, this course will discuss three of the most important and undervalued safety-critical firmware implementation techniques: adopting an effective coding standard, conducting meaningful code inspections, and using static analysis properly (more).

Implementing Effective Code Reviews
This course goes in-depth on the DO's and DON'Ts to implement code reviews in a software development organization and demonstrates how code reviews can eliminate firmware bugs. Detailed approaches and metrics are discussed and students take with them a distinct understanding of how to bring effective code reviews to their organizations (more).

Hardware-Firmware Interface Design
Avoid costly chip respins and system integration delays with best practices customized to your company. Implementing these best practices will save your company time and money and increase the quality of your products. In this workshop, we present approximately 300 best practices of hardware/firmware interface design and explore the fundamental principles underlying them. (more)

Team-Based Firmware Development
This course presents a methodology that speeds the development of embedded firmware. This training addresses the development issues of specifying requirements, estimating schedules, identifying risks, and creating a quality design. Barr Group's experienced programmers and managers have, however, put together a program that goes beyond such traditional instruction. Thus the Team-Based Firmware Development course gets to the heart of embedded development challenges and tackles developer and management attitudes and frustrations. Along the way, we outline the processes and team structures in which rapid high quality firmware development repeatably occurs. (more)

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