"Barr Group training courses should be required before writing any embedded code."

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Embedded Training

At Barr Group, there's only one thing our engineers love more than developing reliable real-time embedded software, and that's teaching others to do the same. Toward that end, we offer embedded software training courses that demonstrate how to reduce bugs, finish projects on time, and improve the reliability of embedded software.

Many of our customers are electrical engineers looking to broaden and deepen their knowledge of firmware architecture. But we also greatly enjoy teaching computer scientists and other folks new to embedded systems what firmware is all about. (The crazy thing is that most computer science degree programs never actually teach anything about interfacing to hardware or achieving real-time determinism!)

Please contact us for more information about on-site and custom training.

Public Courses

Barr Group regularly presents its most-popular training courses in public venues, so that individuals and small teams can easily attend. Check out our Training Calendar for a list of upcoming courses, dates, and locations.

On-Site Training

Not all of our courses are offered in public venues. As well, teams having 5 or more engineers may find it more convenient and/or cost effective to have our skilled instructor bring a course directly to their facility. See our Course Catalog and Contact Us to discuss the details.

Custom Training

Can't find quite the embedded systems training course you need? We can custom-taylor many of the individual courses from our Course Catalog and also combine them into larger custom training programs. To find out more, please Contact Us.