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Product Development

Barr Group specializes in the efficient design and development of custom electronics and related embedded software. From requirements analysis to mechanical, electrical, and software design all the way through to implementation, testing, and final integration, Barr Group can manage as much or as little of the product development as you require.

Diverse Team

The Barr Group team consists of mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, and software engineers. The mechanical engineering team specializes in the design of various types of metal and plastic enclosures for electronics. On the electronics side, Barr Group has electrical engineers with skills ranging from analog and digital electronics design to Verilog/VHDL coding to board layout. Members of the software and firmware teams have a broad range of interests and skills from writing device drivers and board support packages to development of application software, including for VxWorks, Windows CE, and Embedded Linux.

Barr Group deploys these resources in different ways for different clients. In some cases, one or a few engineers with specific skills will be assigned to assist a client with their product development. For example, consider the role and impact of one Barr Group engineer's involvement with the BTE Technologies’ Primus PR20 product. At the other end of the spectrum, Barr Group Labs will manage a diverse team of engineers to cost-effectively develop a product in a turn-key fashion.

Work for Hire

Barr Group has no interest in owning your intellectual property. You need never pay Barr Group any royalties. Every project we do is considered work-for-hire and done under a NDA. You own all of the mechanical, electrical, and software designs, algorithms, and related source code we generate on your behalf. You may protect the designs and source code by copyright or patent if you wish, and we will assist with the information necessary to your patent applications.

Barr Group also has no interest in owning or controlling your manufacturing process. In fact, other than assembling small numbers of prototypes for clients, Barr Group doesn’t do any manufacturing at all. Of course, if you wish, we will happily introduce you to one or more contract manufacturers or obtain quotes for manufacturing and assembly on your behalf. Our involvement always ends with a successful hand-off to manufacturing.

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